The 2019 Audi TTRS is a speed demon. Ride along with Lauren Fix as she breaks down this little cousin to the Audi R8 and how you can get in trouble with an Audi TT. This being the final year of the Audi TT, does it still stack up?

Sadly only one more year of the TT. This vehicle has a cult following, I’ve owned 2 of them and they really were fun to drive. The TT RS is a powerful turbocharged five-cylinder engine that can be a daily driver, track car or a blast to drive. The handling is tight and precise with excellent traction to the road from its Quattro all-wheel-drive​ system, optional 20” alloy with super handling grippy tires. All bundled with some of the top technology that’s easy to use and is extremely driver-centric.

The seats are designed to be supportive with side bolster support, lumbar and plenty of adjustment and comfort. I love the carbon inlays, the red striped belts and the Alcantara​ on the shifter, steering, seats and some panels.

The only thing I noticed that could be frustrating from a performance perspective, is that about at about three-quarter throttle, it seems to have a gap before it goes to full throttle. This may be a computer-related design to keep people from doing stupid things. Either way, it does have quite a performance, excellent handling and stickiness to the street. The brakes are excellent and will stop on a dime. With low 0-to-60 times, this vehicle and certainly play with some of the more expensive cars on the block.

Surprisingly, the fuel economy combined is about 23 miles to the gallon, the way I drove it I don’t think it’s going to make those numbers. But I think if you drive it every day you should have no problem meeting those numbers.

MSRP: From $66,900
Power: 394 hp and 354 lb-ft, 2.5L 5-cylinder engine
0-60 mph: 3.6 seconds
Quattro All-Wheel Drive
MPG: 23 city / 31 highway
Seats: 2, 4 very tightly
Price: $67,895

The warranty is 4 years / 50,000 miles, which​ is much appreciated for a German car that can get expensive to maintain.

“Car Coach Reports Score” – CCRS
Points – 10 out of 10 points – top score 100
Technology – 9
Features – 8
Design – 10
Quality – 10
Value – 8
Total: 88

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