2019 Cadillac XT4

Lauren drives through Seattle during the 2019 Cadillac XT4 car review where she lets you see all the details inside and compares the Sport and Luxury models.

Cadillac is a 116 year old brand that has was known for innovation and design. The innovation gap from 1975 to 1997 impacted sales and since then we are seeing new cars and a new portfolio with a new car every 6 months through 2020.

What if Escalade never grew up? This is the XT4

Sport or Premium Luxury trims – each has its own personality.

Sport is the more youthful, more muscular, dynamic SUV with a little bit of attitude and polished wheels. This model has an active sport suspension that adjusts dampening at 500 times per second.

The Lux model is classier, more serious, satin finish wheels and has its own personality.

Both have drive mode options: touring, snow/ice, AWD and sport
Vehicles built in TN.

2nd row has more room than competitors
Solid ride handling
Good balance of fuel economy and power
Passes Lauren’s lumbar test

Small cup holders
2nd row seats don’t recline
Door pockets need cup holders in front doors

Competes with:
Volvo XC60
Acura RDX
Infiniti QX50
Audi Q5
Mercedes GLC

The XT4 has smart features, is a solid, fun-to-drive vehicle that connects the driver to the road.

Engine: 2.0T engine – 237hp / 258 torque
9-speed Automatic Transmission
Twin Clutch AWD on demand + $2500 or FWD
MPG: 24/30/26 FWD
AWD 22/29/24 mog
Price: $35,790. Sport / Premium Luxury: $40.290

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