2018 Bridgestone Tires –

We went to Dallas Texas to test their tires.

Clutch Performance Redefined

What is Clutch Performance defined : urban dictionary (coming through in the clutch)
– to perform under pressure
– Exactly what you need, exactly when you need it.
– the crucial moment that comes between winning and losing
– coming through when you are needed most in high pressure situations

Tires are an Important safety feature

Trusted performance when you need it most

No matter how much they’ve achieved or how far they’ve gone, the members of Team Bridgestone always find a way to go above and beyond when it matters most. Join us as we explore what goes into their clutch performances as they chase their dream

Most important factors: Wet, winter and wear

2018 Bridgestone Tires:

Ecopia H/L 422 Plus – Performance Touring tire – Passenger, CUV and SUV choices, fits 64% of vehicles on the road. 2 of 3 market coverage for CUVs, SUVs and minivans.
Well balanced tire, improved wet performance
Wet traction
Longer tread wear
Stable and comfortable design for better ride
Designed for better fuel economy
70,000 mile limited tread wear warranty, even longer
Sold to practical minded, everyday usage, quiet ride, safety focused

Dueller A/T Revo 3 – SUV and Light truck off road
Best in class tire – covers 79% of the vehicles in the segment
Engineered for On an off-road performance
Improved traction and quieter ride
New aggressive look and 20% longer increased tread wear
even tread wear over the life of the tire
60,000 limited tread wear warranty
Improved Wet, winter, snow and tire wear life
Smooth handling on highway, better off road control
Sold to the enthusiast and the hobbyist customers.

Potenza RE980AS – All Season – passenger tires, cover 85% coverage
Performance traction and grip to keep you on the road
Asymmetrical patten, non-directional
50% improvement in snow performance
Ultra -High Performance All season tire
Improved wet and snow performance, 20% better wet grip
Good for crisp handling for spirited all-season driving
16-20” tires – fits BMW, Audi, Lexus, VW GTi, Subaru WRX, Dodge, etc.

Drive Guard – run flat tire good for 50 miles after a puncture.
50,000 mile limited tread wear warranty, even longer
Sold to enthusiasts
** 30-day Buy & Try Guarantee

The proliferation of tires has continued to expand.
Goodyear and Bridgestone, who normally fight tooth and nail in the marketplace, are combining their wholesale distribution networks in the U.S. and creating a 50-50 joint venture called TireHub. The new company will be able to provide tire dealers and retailers, with tires for 97% of the vehicles on the road. Passenger and light truck only.

TireHub will be headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia and will have 80 distribution centers and warehouses across the country.

The deal still needs regulatory approval but it’s expected to close by the middle of the year. The FTC process is under Hart, Scott, Revino and should be a very focused joint venture.

Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Firestone, Kelly Tires, Fuzion and Lemans brands.

More than 300 brands and 4000 part numbers. Shortens the waiting time for consumers to get tires on their vehicles. These two fierce competitors are working together to improve delivery.

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