2018 Smart Cabrio Fortwo with Co-driver: Javier Mota

Link: www.smartusa.com/compare-vehicles?model=ca&gclid=CjwKCAiA7JfSBRBrEiwA1DWSGwENRyVWNEEzlwwP07maRpUeLLcjIQBt2L9F3Tufei7hwODab87_OxoCSfsQAvD_BwE

The smart cabrio fourtwo electric drive makes opting for electric mobility more attractive than ever, combining overall agility with emission-free driving as the ideal combination for urban driving.

Powered by a 118 lb-ft torque, 80 hp and a turning circle of just 22.8 feet, the electric car boasts exceedingly quick acceleration and maneuverability. Top speed is 81 mph.

The rear mounted motor is placed lower and the Trivino suspension wraps around the motor location to offer better handling.

The fully charged battery has sufficient power to cover approximately 60 miles, more than enough in urban areas for which the smart was tailor-made. With the 7 kWh high-performance on-board charger, the smart electric drive can be charged 20-100% in just 2.5 hours—half the time as the previous generation.

Starting at just $23,900 for the electric coupe and $28,100 for the electric cabrio before federal or state incentives, the 2018 Smart Cabrio continues to be the most affordable electric car in the U.S. market and offers more for each dollar with increased standard equipment for 2018.

The smart electric cabrio also provides for all-weather enjoyment with standard pre-conditioning, allowing for pre-entry climate control while the vehicle is still charging.

Additionally, the optionally available Climate package offers a heated steering wheel and additional door and floor insulation to warm the driver faster and keep more heat in the car, increasing efficiency in cold weather. At the touch of a button, the cabrio can be transformed from a closed two-seater into a large sliding canvas sunroof or fully-fledged cabriolet with the soft top completely open – perfect for coastal driving in sunny San Diego.

The sport package offers leather seats, 16-wheels and sporty details.

Trim lines – passion and prime.

Convertible top can open and close at any speed in 12 seconds. The side bars between the A and B pillar can be stored in the trunk lid to save space.

An exclusive electric green tridion is available to give the vehicle an expressive look
color 3.5 – inch display in TFT technology with a trip computer – standard

These packages offer even more utility value:

Climate package: heated steering wheel, additional door and floor insulation for climate system efficiency – exclusively available on smart electric drive

Lighting package: LED daytime running lamps and LED taillamps, fog lights with cornering function , light – sensor

smart Media – System with JBL Sound System: smart touchscreen media system, JBL sound system with removable subwoofer

2018 smart cabrio fortwo electric drive coupe – $23,900
2018 smart cabrio fortwo electric drive cabrio – $28,100

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