2017 Honda Civic Si

The all-new Honda Civic Si Coupe and Civic Si Sedan, 10th generation Civic. The sport compact segment is still strong.

The exciting and dynamic video features the stylish, personal two-door coupe and sleek, accommodating four-door sedan – both sporty Si variants are designed for the everyday enthusiast.

Civic Family-
Si Coupe
Si Hatchback
Type R

Si – some of the upgrades

The Si Coupe and hatchback is lower, wider and longer wheelbase.

All black grill
Aggressive sport bumper
Machine cut alloy wheels
Performance equipment on top of it all
Center exhaust outlet with a sporty sounding car
Coupe has smaller wing, where hatchback has a more aggressive wing.

Engine: 1.5L Turbo = 205hp / 192 lb-ft of torque
Turbocharger with max boost = 20.3 psi
Manual Transmission
Fuel economy: 28/38/32
Dynamic performance with limited slip differential, bigger brakes and adaptive handling damper system. Adaptive suspension allows for great handling in a performance environment and still a comfortable ride on the road.
18″ tires (235/40R18)

Heated seats
Red stitching on seats and sporty bucket seat
Sport mode in red with performance gauges
Carbon panels, aluminum and leather shifter knob
Apple CAr Play and Android Auto is standard, 450 Watt with 10-speaker audio system.

Sport Mode: When in sport mode driving experience becomes more aggressive, with flatter handling, more responsive throttle and tighter steering.

Racing components available from the dealer.

Competes with:
Nissan SR Turbo
Subaru WRX
Hyundai Veloster
Subaru BRZ
Toyota FR-S / 86
Volkswagen GTi

The new Civic Si Sedan and Coupe will go on-sale in May, MSRP $23,900 coupe or sedan. Additional packages are Performance and Premium & Tech. Summer tires available $200.

Colors are standard except the coupe offers a very Energy Green.

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Car Courtesy of Honda
Destination: Marina del Rey, California
Aired: June 16, 2017
Music: by AudionautiX.com, all rights & licenses purchased
Disclosure: Free Royalty Music

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