2017 Land Rover Discovery Sport

From generations of British design, engineering and successes the new Discovery is even more desirable. Land Rover always says “Going Above and Beyond” so we had the opportunity to get a first drive of the new Land Rover Discovery.

We will be testing the new Discovery on a 600 mile course on and off road.

With all new design the new Discovery is 85% aluminum which makes a lighter and stronger vehicle. The front end bracing is magnesium and a steel subframe. This makes the vehicles 20% lighter for better fuel economy.

3L Td6 Diesel with 258hp gets up to 26 mpg.
3L Gas engine – 340hp with up to 21 mpg.

Cabin sound is much quieter than previous generations.

Interior versatility- one -touch operation to fold seats or change to the 21 different configurations. Button are in the front and the back. Seats up to 7 people comfortably. More head and leg room for adults and taller people. Seating is stadium style so everyone can see forward easily.

The load floor has a tailgate fold out for seating for tailgating or easier loading. Cleaver storage areas: 21 separate stowage areas, cooled storage in the center console, deep storage area that can store up to 4 iPads or tablets, behind the HVAC controls is hide away storage for valuables, wet storage area in the back for muddy boots or wet gear.

Drivability – this suv can go anywhere with a very controlled drive. Better on road comfort, off road if has 11 inches of ground clearance, will go through deep water up to 35 inches. Optional air suspension can raise the vehicle up to 3.9 inches higher. On road, air suspension lowers the suv for better fuel economy. It will also adjust for trailer hitching. Plus an electric deplorable tow bar. Hitch assist makes hitching easier. When you park the car it will lower by almost 2 inches for easier entry and exiting.

Terrain Response – all 4 wheels can adjust to the road and traction and will adjust based on throttle, steering, braking suspension and traction control up to 100 tines per second. Hill descent and off road abilities.

New Safety additions – autonomous first-alert detection with pedestrian detection to take control if you don’t react. Adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist that can help keep you between the lines, park assist with perpendicular or parallel parking but you control the speed.

Digital Discovery – In Control Touch Pro that allows you to bring your apps in the car on your phone or by using the Incontrol remote. The new 10″ touch screen that very easy to use with 60 MB of music storage. The new dual view allows every person to watch or use what they want. You can send your destination to the car from your phone. There are over 35 apps that can work in your car and your phone. The remote can unlock, locate and reconfigure your seating from your phone. You can open the tailgate with your foot if needed. 9 USB charging ports and 6-12volt charging sockets. Connectivity is a wifi hot spot good for up to 8 devices. And also can connect to your Apple Watch. The Activity Key can allow you to keep your keys in the car and the wristband will secure your car safely.

This is the world most capable and useable SUV.

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Car Courtesy of Land Rover
Destination: Utah
Aired: March 14, 2017
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