San Antonio has been Austin’s more mature (but less cool) sibling for decades, with locals happily playing second fiddle, because they like flying under the radar. But now, “San Antone” is shedding its sleepy stereotype.

More than 100 years after Mark Twain hailed it as “one of only four unique cities in America,” no other U.S. metropolis combines Old and New World as effortlessly as San Antonio.

Artists and musicians are moving to San Antonio in droves, attracted to an ever-changing and modern urban core and making this unique melting pot one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities for college-educated Millennials, and tops in Texas (which, perhaps somewhat surprisingly, is the third largest hybrid market in the country).

We stayed at the wonderful Hotel Emma, a boutique hotel which was once a brewery with its own story. The Pearl brewery was the only brewery to survive Prohibition, and its name comes from a twisted turn of the century tail consisting of lust, murder and three women who share the same name. When in San Antonio make sure to stop by this very cool hotel, it’s worth the stop.

Now to the Niro

This is an all-new crossover with style functionality and efficiency. It has a roomy comfortable and functional interior. Designed to be a hybrid with 50 mpg range. It has responsive handling and a direct feel to the road. The advanced technology is the next level for KIA.

1.6L GDI 4-cylinder engine with 104hp paired with a 43 horsepower electric motor and 1.56 kWH Lithium Ion Polymer battery. Transmission is a 6-speed dual clutch transmission that boosts efficiency. Total output: 139 hp, 195 lb-ft torque up to 52 mpg. We experienced a combined 46 mpg.

Trim levels: FWD Only, NO AWD
FE – $22,890
LX / EX – $23,200
Touring Launch Edition – $28,000 (limited availability(
Touring – 18″ wheels, sunroof, upgraded sound system from Harmon – $29,650

Michelin low rolling resistant tires give a much nicer ride. Most hybrids are rough but the Mior has better driving dynamics and ride quality.

Spacious caving, great visibility, generous head an leg room, great cargo and easy to load with a wide lift gate.

Driver assistance systems including a coasting guide and predictive energy control, autonomous emergency braking with pedestrian detection, lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control.

Audio – 8-channel 315 watt with subwoofer and front center channel from Harman. The UVO3 telematics system is free, includes Android Auto and Apple Car Play, wireless charging and more free services.

Future plans are for a plug-in hybrid. This is a global car and designed to fit every market.

Competes with: Honda HR-V, Toyota RAV4, Prius V, C-Max

Overall: Advanced, efficient, tough and sleek


Until now, all EVs, plug-in hybrids and regular hybrid cars have had a 12-volt battery in addition to the one that helps drive the car.

Kia and Hyundai are first to market with a new pair of sister cars that eschews the 12-volt battery. This saves 22 lbs, space and a lot of wiring.

The Kia Niro compares against the Toyota Prius and Ford C-Max hybrid. Overall, the Kia is a very strong and fresh entry.

And it starts at only $23,785 before dealer discounts, undercutting both Toyota and Ford without any incentives assumed.

Consumers are moving toward crossovers and Kia has delivered a unique package that can average up to 50 MPG without plugging in.

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Car Courtesy of Kia
Destination: San Antonio, Texas
Aired: February 28, 2017
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