Acura is 30 years young.

2017 Acura NSX Review: This mid-engine supercar has an Unbelievable design, 3 electric motors, and a twin-supercharged engine. Hood vent, side cooling vents, and offers downforce to the car. There is even a vent above the taillights that merges with the rear wing to create downforce. This makes the vehicle more stable at high speeds. The design offers critical cooling, downforce and makes the drag coefficient lower.

There are 3 radiators, clutch coolers, intercoolers, and more to keep every cooler.

Open the lever handle, inside there is head clearance and a supportive seat that offers great comfort. The steering wheel was designed to meet multiple driver positions. There’s s flat top and bottom of the wheel to be more accommodating. The interface is simple and functional yet very driver-oriented. Alcantara and leather seats are standard with optional all leather seats.

Driving factors: New sports experience – driver-centric cockpit and peak performance.

Instant acceleration (incredible G-feeling)
Direct Yaw Control (super handling)
Integrated dynamic system (wide range)

Cross shopped:
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Porsche 911 Turbo

When looking at a SuperCar the driving experience is critical. Direct, linear thrust, weight balance, and load transfer, 0-60mph. times, driver-centric cockpit, brake response, and suspension quality.

The NSX has the lowest CG in the class. Compact with a low center of gravity, minimizing overhang and a lower center of mass. This all leads to better downforce, cooling, and aerodynamics. Impressive high-speed stability on the track.

Inside the low cockpit and instruments offer better visibility. The seats were comfortable and no sliding around with the Alcantra inserts. The steering wheel is carbon fiber with the top and bottom flattened. The seats offered lumbar as well.

The instantaneous acceleration comes from a V6 with 500 hp, Plus a direct drive motor, and a. Twin motors in the front backed by a 9-speed DCT transmission. The turbocharged motor is a 3.5L DOHC Twin -Turbo V6 with 500hp and 406 lb-ft torque and a 10.0:1 compression ratio. The direct-drive motor adds 47 hp and 109 lb-ft of torque and adding in the twin motor unit adds 36hp each and an additional 54 lb-ft of torque combines the power to 573hp and 476 lb-ft of torque. The torque comes on right away and the instant acceleration is impressive and responsive.

There is intake sound control, translated as you can hear the exhaust note in the car, but not a deafening experience. It’s just right.

State-of-the-art aluminum castings, stamping, and extrusions merged with steel and carbon fiber creates a rigid ride that is balanced and achieves great ride and handling.

On the road, the cabin is quieter than the competition with sound-absorbing insulation. The magnetic ride dampers achieve a wider range and quicker response.

The brakes are more than just carbon rotors and pads, the electro-servo system seamlessly integrates both friction and regenerative brake systems. The cooled brakes were top-of-the-line and could stop on a dime and offers a secure feeling.

Direct yaw control includes torque vectoring to create super handling. This makes the NSX is forgiving on the track and offers an expanded range of driving experiences.

Dynamic systems:
Quiet mode – electric mode for neighborhoods and flying under the radar.
Sport mode – an everyday mode that uses electric and gas engines
Sport Plus mode – more steering and an emotional feeling for spirited driving
Track mode – maximizes the brakes, maximum performance, and maximum handling and braking efforts.

NSX’s revolutionary power and control technology creates the ultimate Acura experience where man, machine and the road connected.

2017 Acura NSX Cost: $156,000
built-in USA

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Car Courtesy of Acura
Destination: Lime Rock Park, CT
Aired: June 17, 2016
Music: by Disclosure: Free Royalty Music

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