2017 Audi A4 Review: Intelligence is the new king. Selling more to millennial’s. Intelligence is the new rock and roll!

Largest sales segment: Mid-sized sedan

Driver assistance:
The most comprehensive set of driver assistance systems.
Audi Piloted Driving develops driver assistance systems
Turn assist
Traffic Jam alert – will hit the brake through active cruise control.
Vehicle exit assist – side assist so you don’t swing the door into traffic for both rows.
Rear cross-traffic alert
Audi Pre-sense (standard) senses pedestrians, warns you but doesn’t stop you. Stops from to 20, at 53 mph. will intervene with braking. Warning to the driver. Includes stop and go from 0-95 mph, lane keeps assist up to 40 mph. – so when you aren’t looking the car will help you. You can arrive more relaxed.
Only car in class with exit assist and turn assist.

High on design, transformed. Lower and wider and precise lines. Sharper, sportier and more aggressive. High end fit and finished.
Wrap around interior and driver orientation blended with the horizontal direction and lightness is the overall design theme of the AUDI Sports coupe. Digital precision in the virtual cockpit allows for a full map display in front of the driver for less distractions.
Center shifter is a wrist rest for new MMI. 8 buttons are programmable to navigations, sounds or your choice. Attention to detail is cleaner and well lighted. Real wood, real aluminum, real carbon fiber and real materials. Craftsmanship is seamless and follows the Audi philosophy.
Outside – single frame grill, new LED running lights. Shut lines run all around the car, from hood to shoulder line all the way to the rear. New rear twilight design with LEDs. New body lines give a sporty lower sedan. Dual exhaust with chrome tips.

Performance: 2017 Audi A4
2.0TFSI turbo engine – Quattro all-wheel drive or FWD
252 hp. 273 lb Ft torque
New S Tronic transmission with dual-clutch
0-60 mph: 5.7 sec.
Audi Drive select
18″ wheels

All new suspension: standard, sport, and adaptive comfort.
electric power steering. 13.5:1
66 lbs lighter on AWD and 99lbs lighter on FWD cars.
Improved ride dynamics partly through weight reduction.
Improved stability and better car reactions to input. More precise driving experience.
Better body control than eliminates losses from US roadways.
ESC with 3 modes (on, off, and sport) wheel selective torque control for eliminated understeer tendencies and improved steering precision.
An all-new system with chassis control unit and dampeners.
Star-stop influence

Connectivity & technology:
Lighting are bi-xenon or optional LED (recommended), and sweeping blinker. Apple Car Play and Android Auto – with Bose MMI integration and steering wheel controls.
Push to talk for Siri or Google Voice control.
Virtual cockpit
8.3″ optional screen
MMI 2-button interface has continuity with steering wheel controls.
Audi Connect – 4G
Touch – Just write “Truffles” search like Google (doesn’t rely on Internet connection)
Plus apps and options of service with Audi Connect
Reductions in menu depth – one step to enter navigation or searching internet.
Bang & Olefsun audio system.
Heads up display
You can you use phone or smartwatch to lock & unlock, geofencing, parking information, navigation with a 6 month trial package. Subscription app.

BMW 3 series
Lexus iS and ES
Mercedes C-Clsss
Infiniti Q50
Acura TLX

$37,000 – $48,000 – topped out at mid $50,000
Goes on sale March 2016.

Car built in: Ingolstadt, Germany
European Delivery is available!

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Car Courtesy of Audi
Destination: Southern California
Aired: April 10, 2016
Music: by AudionautiX.com Disclosure: Free Royalty Music

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