Lauren Fix, The Car Coach and WLS Radio’s Paul Brian drive the new and improved 2016 Jaguar XF, a feat of performance, comfort and styling, now in diesel and with state-of-the-art aluminum architecture. Watch their video His Turn – Her Turn car review!

2016 Jaguar XF. #jaguarxf
XF 35t R-Sport and XF S Models

Jaguar Elite Care which includes free maintenance for 5-years / 50K miles and newer lower prices.

2007- created by Ian Callum

advanced, aluminum-intense architecture which shares platforms.
Parts are not shared, just the lighter substructure.

Striking new design
75% aluminum which is inherently lighter – singe aluminum pressing
28% stiffer
11% lighter
This makes it sportier and a driving machine.

Aluminum double wishbone suspension offers the best possible weight and stiffness.
The rear suspension out performs previous models and competitors.

Improved low speed ride
Adaptive dynamics
continuously variable ride

Optional AWD or standard RWD
Adaptive Surface Response (AdSR) – replaces winter mode, automatically senses surface and selects the proper mode.
Low sped launch control
provides smooth progress on slippery surfaces

Torque Vectoring by braking, gives better control in corners

3.0L V6 Supercharged
340 or 380 HP, 332 Lb Ft -V6
380HP in AWD
0-60 = 5.0 sec.9% better fuel economy improvement = 30 mpg.

2.0L i4 Turbocharged diesel
180 hp, 317 LB FT
Available 2016

8-speed transmission
Sport and ECO Modes
Cd 0.28 and 265 lbs lighter.

New car is shorter and wheelbase is longer and pushes the wheels further for more passenger room. 1″ more headroom

Virtual Instrument cluster – all
Jaguar InContol Touch

XF Laser Heads Up Technology

4- zone climate control
heated rear seats

optional 825W Audio system by Meridian

Prices $51,900

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Car Courtesy of Jaguar
Destination: Sedona, CA
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