2016 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid & Plug-in with Blue Drive

Total driving range – 605 miles
Accord hybrid – 570 miles
Ford Fusion – 550 miles

Front active air flaps- Automatic operation based on vehicle speed and engine temperature to reduce drag.

Hyundai is the lowest CO2 emitting automaker of mass producers.

PHEV- plug-in hybrid electric vehicle
It’s all about efficiency
Premium driving experience
Intelligent use of technology, safety, and convenience

Distinct design on hybrid
Unique headlights
Front grille
Aero rear bumper
Rear diffuser
Taillight graphics
Eco spoke alloy wheels

Tied with Tesla S in drag coefficient – why and how?
Front active air flaps
Lower bumper air curtain
Center floor undercover
Rear spoiler special alloy wheels

Unique interior
Hybrid display
Instrument cluster – vehicle energy gauge
4.2″ color center screen – Eco-driving information, Range and energy flow, and charging settings – includes a total driving range
60/40 split seat on (HEV)

Dimensions – more passenger and cargo volume (133 cu ft.) and flat cargo floor. Due to a more compact and efficient battery.

Battery- lifetime battery warranty for the first owner only, 2nd owner covered under emissions
10 year / 100k mile warranty
Lithium-ion battery in a Polymer case (non-metal)

Hyundai transmission mounted electric device (TMED)
6-speed auto transmission
2.0L GDI engine – 193hp / plug in hybrid equals 202hp.
140 lb-ft of torque
Smaller lighter engine
56 kW
Regen brakes
Hydraulic braking

Fuel economy-
49/44/42 combined mpg
24 miles – MPGe 93 mpg

Hybrid- Driving style- eco, normal, sport modes
Plugin- electric, hybrid battery charge mode

Blindspot detection
Lane departure warning
Auto high beam
Forward collision warning
Virtual engine sound for pedestrians

Power front and memory seats
Ventilated seats
Heated rear seats
Panoramic sunroof

Blue Link-
Smartwatch app – battery life, lock/unlock and start
Smartphone and tablet. Set charge times too.

Trim levels
Limited Premium

Plugin – hybrid limited models

Hybrid 7 exterior colors to hybrid and beige, grey and blue pearl leather interior
Plug in- 4 exterior colors, 2 interiors, grey, and blue pearl leather

Available in CA and Oregon.
In the fall, 10 zero-emission states

Built-in Alabama, plugin built-in Korea

Efficiency, purposeful design, advanced safety, and technology.

Goal – fuel economy and fun to drive!

Hyundai – new think – new possibilities!

Car Courtesy of Hyundai America

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