Car experts Lauren Fix, The Car Coach, and Paul Brian test drive the 2016 Volvo XC90. Watch the video His Turn – Her Turn car review to learn more about this leader in safety, technology, and styling!

2016 Volvo XC90 T6 and T8 PHEV

Launched in 2002.
#1 selling European Luxury SUV in 2004
Now owned by Greeley

First edition cars – 1927 cars sold – 2192 sold in the U.S., 30,000 sold worldwide

XC90 Mission: leading in safety, leading in design, and leading human-machine interface.

Cars built in Sweden

Crystal gear knob
Comfortable seating
Efficient design
New driver environment – full digital, heads up display, 12″ screen in front of the driver. Everything you need is on the heads-up display to keep your focus on the road.

The center stack is for entertainment and not for driving. About the size of an iPad, 9″ display, but they claim it’s better than an iPad. Can be operated with gloves, uses infrared technology. The screen doesn’t reflect color like many others. The filter effect has 2 modes, dark and light. You can even see it with polarized lenses. A new level of digital craftsmanship.

You can add weather or news apps but also music all in the prime spot.

Apple-type gestures for navigation. Bowers & Wilkins sound system, 19 speakers with a sub woofer located in the rear wheelhouse so the whole car is the subwoofer for a more life-like sound.

Seating is stadium-style, each row is slightly higher. Seats 7 people. Very versatile seating, individually adjustable and reclining. Heated 2nd-row seating. 3rd seats are designed the same as the 2nd row. Good for people up to 5’6″.

Inside there’s lots of glass with a panoramic roof, resulting in nice light and bright feeling.

SPA platform, the battery in the center between the 2 engine types. Hybrid engine with a gasoline powered motor.

Recognizes speed limit in the U.S. and notifies drivers.

Power train:
T6 – 2.0L super and turbocharged
Wide-span of power and torque
Fuel efficient and decreased weight
Both turbo and supercharged

T8 400 hp – 2.0L – twin engine
0-60 5.6 seconds
Hybrid engine – 33hp electric engine with regenerative brakes and with the gas engine.

World’s first 7-seat plug-in hybrid

First seatbelts were developed by Volvo in 1959.
By 2020, their vision is that no one gets killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car.
Volvo Call – notification system
Double 3-leg support structure made of alloys and high strength steel.
XC is designed to give itself up to protect the passengers. This reduces lateral forces on occupants’ spines. In addition to whiplash protection, the seat frame has a unique design to take the impact instead of the person. Makes Volvo cars safer.

Standard: Lane departure warning, active cruise control, rear collision warning uses radars (tightens belts), pilot assist detects all cars around it (the basis of autonomous driving), 360 degrees around view camera, park assist pilot (parallel and perpendicular).
Auto brake at intersections- when making a left turn, if oncoming traffic is coming, it stops the cars. Pedestrian and bicycle riders. This is standard on all the XCs.

Driving impressions:
Precise handling – comfort, dynamic, and eco modes.

150,000 SUV customers will leave one luxury brand for another.
Young affluent families and affluent empty nesters.

3- trim levels
Momentum, color-coordinated, 19″ wheels, leather, heated seats, a rearview camera, and hands-free tailgate – $48,900
T6 – $48,900
T8 – $68,100

T6 Inscription level $54,500
T8 Inscription level $71,600

T6 R-Design – $52,900
T8 R-Design – $70,000

Maxed out

Vision package has rear collision
The convenience package has park assist and pilot
Momentum plus – upgrade to lighting and wood inlay.
Addition options – Bowers and Wilkins audio, 4-corner air suspension, heads-up display, 20″, 21″, and 22″ wheels. The wood steering wheel and integrated child booster seat.

2016 Volvo XC90 Competes with:
Audi Q7
Infiniti QX50
Acura MDX
Mercedes ML
Volkswagen Touareg
Porsche Cayenne – 6-cylinder
Land Rover Discovery Sport

Urban luxury

June – July 2015
R Design arrives in October

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Car Courtesy of Volvo
Destination: Santa Monica, CA
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