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Aired: 8/28/2012

The 2013 Mercedes GL-Class is classy, refined and offers the best of Mercedes. Female automotive expert, Lauren Fix, provides this helpful car review.

Model — 2013 Mercedes GL-Class
GL350 Blue Tec 4matic
V6 240hp/ 455 torque
18 / 24/ 20 mpg. combined
Top speed 130. 0-60. 8.3 sec
GL450 4Matic
V8 362 hp / 406 torque
14 /19/ 16 mpg. combined
Top speed: 130. 0-60 6.2 sec.
GL550 4Matic
V8 429hp / 516 torque
13 / 18 / 15 mpg. combined
Top speed: 130. 0-60 5.5 sec.
Maximum Towing: all models 7500 lbs.
Built in Alabama.

The 2013 Mercedes GL-Class offers every technology package you could think of as standard features, plus these standard safety elements:
• Around view camera – no more blind spots
• Collision prevention assist – visual, audio and maximum boosted brakes
• Crosswind stabilization – uses Digital Auto Pilot (DAP) to engages the opposite side wheel brakes.
• Park assist – parks the SUV for you and helps you pull away as well, making parallel parking easy.

Our test drive in the dunes of New Mexico demonstrated how enjoyable the GL is to drive, no matter which model. The interior was luxurious with an upholstered dashboard, plenty of wood trim and Harman/Kardon surround sound system. It makes you feel like an interior designer designed the vehicle.

Competes with:
• Audi Q7
• Cadillac Escalade
• Infiniti QX
• Land Rover LR4
• Powerful V8 engines
• Upscale luxury is standard
• Comfortable and quiet interior
• Seating for seven
• Fuel-efficient diesel engine
• Massaging front seats
• More expensive than competitors

The 2013 Mercedes GL-Class SUV offers a winning combination of comfort, high-end features, confident driving and impeccable build quality.

Remember, when shopping for a new car, test drive as many vehicles as you can in the class you are looking in to make sure you find the car that is best for you. For more information, visit

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