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Aired: 10/25/2011

Make: 2012 Mini
Where Manufactured:England
MPG:The performance model I tested averaged 32 mpg
Engine:2.0L Inline 4 cyl.
Base Engine:121hp
S Model:181hp
John Cooper Works:208hp
Price:Starts at $22,000. The John Cooper Works car I tested came in at $31,900. Destination fees were built-in to the cost.

My test drive in the Mini Coupe was in the mountains around Nashville, TN. The two-seater Coupe has a distinctive design, incorporating a quirky “helmet roof” with a trailing edge spoiler to prevent dirt from accumulating on the rear window. It also improves the car’s aerodynamics.

The rear spoiler automatically rises when driving over 50 mph and detracts at 30 mph for visibility. The Coupe’s handling was tight and precise, like a slot car.

The interior design offered better headroom, a parcel shelf with a lip for packages and a pass-through with a cubby leading to a huge trunk with removable cargo cover.

The Mini is offered in nine colors and three stripe options with a black, red or silver roof and interiors colors of toffee, black, beige, or gray.

Competes with:
• Audi TT
• Porsche Boxster
• BMW Z4
• Mercedes SLK

• Unique design and styling
• Comfortable interior
• Mini Connect Infotainment
• No cost maintenance 3/36 miles
• Clears people over 6 feet

• Road hum at 60 mph
• Needs more than 2 cup holders
• Couldn’t leave spoiler up permanently.

The Mini Coupe is filled with cool features and a unique masculine look that will appeal to all buyers; it’s a small car with a spirited ride.

If you like the Mini but want a roadster version, you’re in luck. There’s one coming in February 2012.

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