Make your friends envious with a hybrid vehicle that’s also a fun-to-drive sports car! Lauren Fix, the Car Coach, takes a look at the 2012 Fisker Karma.

The all-new 2012 Fisker Karma expands our notions of what a plug-in hybrid can be. The Karma promises fuel efficiency but also exclusivity, luxury, and performance.

Make/ Model — 2012 Fisker Karma EV
MPG — 52 mpg
Powered by — hybrid engine with 300 kw of battery and a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine.
Wheels – 22 inch wheels on Goodyear high profile, low rolling resistant tires
Price — $102,000–$116,000

My test drive in the Karma confirmed its good balance of drive and handling. It was a smooth ride. The low-riding sports coupe has no transmission and no clutch.

The 2012 Fisker Karma is a large four-door luxury sedan that comes in three trim levels: EcoStandard, EcoSport, and EcoChic.

The Karma can be driven in pure electric “Stealth” mode or combination electric/gas mode “Sport” in which both battery and generator work in concert, generating 403 hp and an astounding 981 pound-feet of torque for maximum performance.

The Karma is very green; it utilizes a solar roof panel to constantly charge the battery and reclaimed wood on the interior trim.

The exhaust area isn’t that at all — it’s a noise that sounds like a spaceship and dubbed by Fisker as the Tron exhaust note.

The Karma has a 5 year or 50,000 miles warranty, bumper to bumper.

Competes with:
•Porsche Panamera Hybrid
•Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid
•Mercedes-Benz S350 BlueTec

•Genuinely fun-to-drive
•Distinctive styling
•Excellent fuel economy
•Surprisingly spacious for two people

•Limited luggage space
•Only seats two people
•Noisy at highway speeds

The new 2012 Fisker Karma is an all around blast to drive and its unique design is an added bonus. There’s nothing like it on the road. This car is a definite head turner and when people ask what it is, you have the pleasure of answering, “Karma.”

Remember, when shopping for a new car, test drive as many vehicles as you can in the class you are looking in to make sure you find the car that is best for you.

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