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His Turn - Her Turn™ is an automotive web-series featuring car expert, author, and television host , Lauren Fix, The Car Coach®, and Chicago’s own resident car expert and beloved radio personality, Paul Brian. Together Lauren and Paul travel the world to test drive the market’s top-selling models, luxury dream cars, daily drivers and everything in between! Their combined experience and passion for automotive excellence provide a front-seat glimpse at the latest in engineering, groundbreaking technology, pricing and design. Likewise, their sense of humor and adventure provide a fast-paced, unconventional glimpse into the glamorous (and not so glamorous) back alleys of the automotive industry.

Whether Paul and Lauren are winding down Colorado mountain ranges, squealing through European alleys, skidding through frozen Icelandic tundras, or crawling over a rugged Mexican desert, they're committed to testing each vehicle’s performance, limits, and practicality both on and off road. Boasting almost 14k subscribers on YouTube alone, His Turn - Her Turn™ frequently incorporates viewers’ suggestions and requests to produce dynamic automotive content for first-time buyers and motor enthusiasts alike!


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